We are profinity partners

Profinity Partners is your full service consultancy firm specialising in mergers & acquisitions and other strategic projects

In case organic or non-organic growth is the ambition, we would like to guide you in achieving your goals. We can support you in developing and executing a clear and practical strategy.

What we do

Strategic focus

Get clear on your strategy.

Buy & Sell

We are your partner for selling or buying your company.


Establishing strategic co-operations or joint ventures.


Divesting a subsidiary or acquiring a competitor or complementary partner.



Strategic decisions are often one of the most difficult, which could have major impact for the future of your business. We can navigate you through this process. We believe in a relationship of trust with our clients. We need to understand the broader picture in order to give the optimal advice. In case appropriate we want to work together with your team and existing current advisors and could operate as an extension of your company.